Rights and Permissions

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How to Request Permission for Content

You can approach our editorial team at techkueditors@gmail.com. Please state in your email whether you are using it for commercial purposes or educational. We have a charging policy that offers exemption to reprint requests from educational institutions and non-profit legal entities under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance or the Societies Ordinance, or any equivalent laws in the respective country of registry.
The HKU Journal of Technology may refuse any reprint request, or charge more than the minimum fees, for any reason in its sole discretion.

Charging Policy (Last updated Oct 2013)

Minimum reprint fee
for commercial use (hard copy or online): HKD$100/article, depending on use.
for non-profit use (hard copy or online): generally free.
for photographs for commercial use (hard copy or online): HKD$80/photo, depending on use.
for photographs for non-profit use (hard copy or online): generally free.