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TecHKU aims to create a community of innovators, tinkerers and tech enthusiasts in The University of Hong Kong.

We write about tech trends, student achievements, start-ups, research, and career trends.

We host ground-breaking technological and entrepreneurship events.

We build innovative software and hardware products for startups and ourselves.


Why did we start TecHKU
When we started out as a humble tech blog, our goal was just to get involved in the technology scene in HKU by providing coverage to all that’s happening on campus. Being one of the finest institutions in Asia, one would expect HKU to have a thriving tech scene with a host of student teams working their way into becoming billion dollar companies. However, after several years of writing articles, blog posts and interviewing people, we had to face the reality of how dismal the state of student-led projects is. The ecosystem has been confined in the chasms of academic FYPs or University research. The inaccessibility to resources and a scattered entrepreneurial support structure has made it impossible for an entrepreneurial culture to evolve. Our student population is becoming increasingly risk-averse and unwilling to undertake innovative endeavors. Even the neighboring Unis with jungle campuses have a better tech scene than us let alone our friends at NUS and NTU.

Why is this tech scene so important?
We could easily continue our lives in the halls, societies, assignments to land a job or a masters. But in a life that exists outside our own self-centred hedonistic ideals we cannot deny the importance of innovation and technology. Innovation is a boundless endeavour that pushes humanity forward, and without it there would be no comfort or luxury to chase at all. Technology coupled with our panache for innovation transforms us from apes holding stone weapons to students rating their courses on networked platforms for others to see. A technology scene is an indicator of how committed we are to contribute to the human experience. A thriving entrepreneurship community supports and inspires people to take up endeavours that push the limits of what is possible and what is not. While the average Investment banker has a pretty good life to live, it is headlines when Steve Jobs dies and you get to know on the news app on your iPhone.

What has TecHKU done?
We at TecHKU couldn’t be a silent observer any longer and decided to become proactive member of the developing technology community. We partnered with various tech companies, faculties, start-ups and accelerators for support. We organised Girls4Tech, Startup Weekend and various bootcamps in an effort to make the entrepreneurial scene more accessible. By structuring TecHKU into a society this year we aim for bigger projects and greater impacts in shaping the community.

What does the events team do?
To build the ecosystem we have to engage as many students as possible through mass scale events. Thus, we have added the event team to formulate and execute such initiatives. We plan to host the biggest Hackathon that HKU has ever seen, and our idea of big is atleast 700 cans of Rebull finished in the all-nighters of the event. While several attempts of this kind have been made in the past, with a committed student-run tech frenzy team at TecHKU, it can now be a possibility.

What does the development team do?
The development team has been created to explore the magic of creating a product from scratch. One of the senior member of TecHKU, Michelle Chan founded her own company Weava, which is now featured in the top lists of Product Hunt. Her formidable passion led her to ditch her job offer from Amazon and become one of the most successful HKU entrepreneur in the recent year. If she can dream and build, so can you and with TecHKU all we want is to involve you in this remarkable experience of product creation.

Why does TecHKU call itself a community?
We do not want to be just another Computer Science Society catering to a handful of people who can code in OLog(n) time. We do not want to be labelled as a Business Society comprising of business majors who are good at saying “I can handle the business side”.

We aim to build a reality that doesn’t exist thus we would identify as an organization that has not existed before.

We wouldn’t call ourselves TecHKU’ers, but we would definitely be HKU’s community of innovators, tinkerers and tech enthusiasts.