Our Projects

Anchit SomCalypso
Calypso is a project collaboration platform being built for the students of HKU. For upcoming startups and projects on campus, it is very hard to find diverse talent that can make their projects a reality while incoming students have a hard time finding interesting projects work on. Thus to bridge the gap we envision a platform that allows students to post, review and take part in different projects around the campus.

BiodivBiodiversity portal
HKU’s location besides Victoria Peak makes it a hot spot of Biodiversty. With the help of students from various fields like Biotechnology and Biochemistry, TecHKU is creating a portal with sequenced DNA samples of all the insects, plants and animals present in the ecosystem. This portal will act as a nodal point for student researchers to perform wide variety of data analysis and other functions.

Anchit SomPPG IoT Glove
PPG is a method of measuring heart rate which uses light reflection and transmission. A group of Medical Engineering students have created a glove design which houses a pulse oximeter for PPG measurement. TecHKU is enabling the students to make the device IoT enabled by building servers and databases for advanced region specific data analytics.