Research Student Centre Committee

Hiking: Dragon's Back

Cantonese Class

Academic Year-End Gathering for Engg RPG Students

BBQ at Stanley Main Beach

Hiking to Victoria Peak: HKU – Lung Fu Shan Country Park – Victoria Peak

End-Year Gathering for Engineering RPG Students

About RSCC

The Committee of the RSC (RSCC) is responsible for activity arrangement, organization and maintaining the normal operation of the RSC. The RSCC aims at:

- cultivating a sense of community in the Research Student Centre (RSC) and building identity of the RSC and Engineering DreamLab
- facilitating and assisting in planning and organising a diversity of activities to enrich students' learning and research experience, and students’ sense of belongings; and
- Supporting the Director of RSC for RSC’s and Engineering DreamLab’s daily operations and handling emergency cases

Committee Members


Chairperson: Ms CHEN Liyang (PhD, ME)
Vice-Chairperson: Mr SHI Jiawei Leon (PhD, EEE)
Secretary: Ms WEN Jing Joy (PhD, CS)
Sport Officer: Mr ZHANG Zhiqian Ken (PhD, Civil)
Recreation Officer: Mr SONG Shiguang (PhD, EEE)
Marketing Officer: Mr MA Chenhao (PhD, CS)
Members: Mr HU Jintao Paul (MPhil, EEE)
Mr ZHAN Xingbin (PhD, Civil)
Mr ZHENG Zeyang (PhD, ME)
Mr ZHOU Huiquan Photon (PhD, CS)


Chairperson: Mr CHU Kai Fung (PhD, EEE)
Vice-Chairperson: Miss WEI Yichen (PhD, CS)
Secretary: Mr LI Baicheng (PhD, Civil)
Promotion Officer: Miss WANG Xiaomei (PhD, ME)
Recreation Officer: Mr YANG Luwei (PhD, EEE)
Sport Officer: Mr LI Mengmou Mike (PhD, EEE)
Members: Miss CHAI Yuqian Rachel (PhD, EEE)
Mr GONG Bingchen (PhD, CS)
Miss HUI Zhou Happy (PhD, Civil)
Mr LI Congjian Brian (PhD, IMSE)
Miss WANG Yahua (PhD, EEE)
Miss WU Runni Rainny (PhD, ME)
Mr ZHANG Yage Jacob (PhD, ME)

Photo Gallery

End-Year Gathering for Engineering RPG Students, 22-12-2017

Hiking: Dragon's Back, 26-11-2017

Cantonese Class, 2017-18

Academic Year-End Gathering for Engg RPG Students, 30-06-2017

BBQ at Stanley Main Beach, 01-04-2017

Hiking to Victoria Peak: HKU – Lung Fu Shan Country Park – Victoria Peak, 07-01-2017

End-Year Gathering for Engineering RPG Students, 29-12-2016

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