The Faculty of Engineering is always getting prepared to turn research into impactful applications and foster new ventures to be formed based on innovation and technology in area of strength in engineering.

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, with tangible impact on industry and community, a Multipurpose Room is being established on the mezzanine floor of the Research Student Centre to facilitate engineering research students to be engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship activities. The room gives collaborative workspaces and provides platform for students to meet, assess and build strong working network with students and entrepreneurs with various backgrounds and industries.

Students are encouraged to pitch their ideas and turn their ideas into reality. Hence, talks, networking events, workshops and programmes on different aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship are organized for students to boost their creative thinking and groom their entrepreneurship mindset.

The Faculty of Engineering is not only a place that nurtures technology inventors and scientific pioneers. We educate and shape leaders.  We prepare global leaders to drive tomorrow’s technologies, to build our society and to advance our world. Welcome to join our PhD/MPhil programme. Read more about HKU, Faculty of Engineering and our Research Postgraduate Programme.