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Knowledge Exchange Projects

Promotion of an Mobile Apps for Knowledge Exchange

Principal Investigator: Dr. Wilton Fok (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Telephone: 2857-8490

Project URL:


Project Objectives:

To promote a mobile device application, namely “iClass”, developed by the E-learning Technology Laboratory under the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This application is a home-grown technology initially funded by a Teaching Development Grant for enhancement of teaching and learning in HKU. iClass can facilitate knowledge exchange among students and conduct interactive classes in schools. Since this application is also suitable for other schools and training institutions, the project team would like to share this application with the public. The project proposed includes:

a) a user manual: how teachers and trainers can use this system for sharing knowledge, collecting opinions and encouraging innovation and creativity
b) seminars and workshops: demonstrate the application and facilitate users to share their experience of application
c) introductory videos: introduce and demonstrate how to use the system for knowledge sharing. The videos will be posted on online media and the links will be embedded in the user manual


Project Description:


Since the system was launchedpng January 2011, a lot of positive feedbacks have been received. Internally, the project has been tried by the colleagues from the Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. Externally, a few primary and secondary schools request for trial use of the system. This technology also aroused media interest and the project team was interviewed by SCMP, Knowledge Magazine and China Daily. The quality of the system was also recognized by the Hong Kong ICT Award 2011 as the Best Ubiquitous Network - Mobile Learning & Publishing. Therefore the project team targets to apply the KE funding to further promote this technology among the public.

Book publication and video projects will be effective means of public communication and engagement. The proposed PI has published 4 books through the KE Impact Project and received good social response. Commendation letters flew from the HKSAR government and some overseas organizations also sent us request for copies for their libraries. The books will be distributed to primary and secondary schools, universities, technology companies and educational organizations etc. as well as through workshops and seminars. The videos posted on popular on-line multimedia channel will also allow potential overseas users to learn about the system. The links to the videos will be included in the book as 2D barcode (QR code) so that readers can use their KE mobile apps to watch them, which can help to save the DVD production cost.


Target Deliverables in 2011/12:

a) 1000 copies of book publications (around 120-150 pages, A5, full color)
b) Two workshops for primary and secondary school teachers
c) One seminar for the general public
d) At least two videos to introduce the system with application example, which will be uploaded to the Faculty of KE Portal, U-Vision and other public on-line media)



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