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Knowledge Exchange Projects

The University of Hong Kong Algorithms Library (HKUAL)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ho-Leung Chan (Department of Computer Science)
Telephone: 2219-4800

Project URL:


Project Objectives:

The study of algorithms concerns designing efficient computer programs with provable correctness and running time guarantee. The Department of Computer Science, HKU, has an excellent record in algorithmic research and algorithmic training for undergraduate students. Our students maintain high rankings in international programming contests and are constantly recruited by companies like Google Inc., Apple Inc., Morgan Stanley and others that require robust and high performance computing. This project aims at materializing our expertise and experience into a publicly accessible online library which

- Provides online courses covering introductory to advanced algorithms
- Provides verified implementations of different popular algorithms
- Serves as a contact point for possible consultancy cooperation


Project Description:

The Department of Computer Science has published over 100 algorithmic papers in international journals and conferences since 2000, covering topics like server scheduling, text searching and biological applications. Our undergraduate students ranked top three in eight ACM Regional Programming Contests and were invited to ACM World Finals for six times. Our students have been recruited by companies like Google Inc., Apple Inc., Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and companies in Hong Kong Science Park. It is undoubtedly that the Department has accumulated much expertise in algorithmic research and training.

In this project, we will organize our expertise on algorithms into a publicly accessible website named The University of Hong Kong Algorithms Library (HKUAL). The library contains two main sections. The first section contains online courses on algorithms. We will cover topics from basic concepts like running time analysis and greedy algorithms, to advanced research results like server scheduling and text searching. The targeted audience is people with basic programming background who want to have a systematic study on algorithms. The second section contains implementations of different, and in particular, popular, algorithms. The implementations will be verified, evaluated and packaged into reusable modules that can be integrated directly into industrial projects. The implementations will be free for personal and academic use, while commercial licenses would apply for industrial use. The major targeted audience is industrial programmers.


Target Deliverables in 2010/11:

- A publicly accessible website at
- Online courses and verified implementations of at least forty algorithms.


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