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Measuring Visibility Using Digital Cameras

項目負責人: Prof. Francis C.M. Lau (計算機科學系)
電話: 2857-2170

Project Objectives:

To foster the public’s interest in meteorological computing in which HKU Engineering is actively engaged through demonstration of methods for measuring visibility using digital cameras and the organization of a Visibility Meter Design Competition in cooperation with Hong Kong Observatory. The Competition will comprise the following sessions:

a) The creation of a website for dissemination of digital camera-based visibility measurement methods
b) To organize a talk and a briefing session for the competition
c) To hold workshop(s) and tutorial(s) for the competition participants
d) To organize visit(s) to Hong Kong Observatory and HKU Engineering
e) To organize prize presentation ceremony for participants



Project Description

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has long been our partner in meteorological research. Our past projects with HKO have shown that it is practical to derive visibility readings from digital camera images. Following the footsteps of the Rain Gauge Design Competition and the Anemometer Design Competition successfully held in 2006 and 2008 respectively, we propose to organize a Visibility Meter Design Competition in cooperation with HKO.

A simplified and user-friendly version of digital camera-based visibility measurement method will be shared in the proposed website to the public. The method is well developed and carefully examined. Educational materials placed on the website linked with the Engineering Knowledge Exchange Portal will allow participants and the public to access them any time, even after the competition ends. Workshops, tutorials and visits allow direct communication with primary and secondary school participants, which was shown to be popular according to our experience of similar competitions.


Target Deliverables in 2011/12:

a) A website for dissemination of materials of visibility measurement and their computational methods
b) Link of the site from Engineering Knowledge Exchange Portal
c) Organization of a Visibility Meter Design Competition for primary and secondary school students
d) Media coverage of the competition



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