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Smart Device and Robot Design Workshop and Competition

項目負責人: Dr. Vincent Lau (計算機科學系)
電話: 2857-8460

Project Objectives:

To arouse the interest of Hong Kong primary and secondary school students in software development, smart device design and robotics technologies, by helping students to design and create smart devices and robots. This KE project will organize workshops and competitions for students and optional teachers to create smart devices and robots, some may use the Radio Television Hong Kong robot kits.



Project Description

This project as an extension of KE projects in 2010/11 has received positive feedback and already acquired the necessary equipments e.g. net books and robot kits. In the KE robotic activities in 2010/11, our department was awarded with around HK$300,000 for creating RTHK robot technologies workshops for teachers. From July to November 2011, up to 300 teachers from primary and secondary schools were trained and 300 robot kits were given out.

This year, Hong Kong will be the host of International ABU Robocon 2012. Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) will organize a series of educational activities for the development of innovative technologies, including robot competitions, educational workshops and seminars in different levels focusing on the concept of creative design, IT and engineering knowledge. Along with 2012 Robocon and RTHK series, we can promote innovative technology in primary and secondary schools and general public. The equipment acquired by KE 2010/11 will be reused and the activities will be further analyzed for new learning experience. Seminars and workshops will encourage the development of creative thinking and critical thinking because they will have to overcome various problems when designing their robots or smart devices.


Target Deliverables in 2011/12:

The proposal targets to organize seminars and workshops, for around 200 secondary and primary students, to arouse their interest in the field of programming and robotics. A competition is targeting 50 students’ involvement, possibly  with showcase in 2012 Robocon and some students may be interviewed by RTHK.



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