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Student Interflow in China

日期: 2014-06-26
學系: 電機電子工程系


15 students of the Faculty of Engineering participated in the Sichuan-Hong Kong Academic Interflow Conference 2014 in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in Chengdu, Sichuan on 5th June, 2014. The conference was jointly organized by the School of Life Science and Technology of UESTC and the Faculty of Engineering of HKU.

Topics discussed included HKU’s contented involvement in Sichuan Reconstruction project, and the implementation of the e-learning technology to support teaching and learning. The latest technology trends were also shared, such as using one’s eyeball to command a computer, as well as using cloud technology to remotely control home appliances.

Three teams of HKU students received awards in the Conference. LEE Ho Tin Christopher (PhD EE), SUEN Long Kiu Justine (MedE Yr2) and CHEUNG Chun Yin Hiko (MedE Yr2) received the Best Project Award. MOK Ka Hei (CS Yr 2), CHAN Ting Ho (EE Yr 2) , WONG Kam, Fai (EE Yr2) and CHAU Morian (Science Yr2) received the Best Team Award. CHEN Haohua Edward (MSc EEE1) and LI Si she Season (MSc EEE1) received the Best Presentation Award


The interflow was held at UESTC’s main building, student representatives from HKU and UESTC exchanged ideas and various topics.

All awardees from HKU and UESTC

Mass group photo in the Academic Interflow Conference


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