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Establishing an industrial consortium for knowledge exchange of "RFID-enabled smart manufacturing"

项目负责人: Dr. Ting Qu (工业及制造系统工程系)
电话: 2857-7061

Project Objectives:

(a) Collaborate with two key industrial associations, namely the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association (CMA) and Guangdong Logistics Profession Association (GDLPA) to establish an association-based cross-border industrial consortium to disseminate the knowledge and experience accumulated during the implementation of “RFID-enabled smart manufacturing” by HKU.
(b) Provide an integrated teaching-research-KE framework for experiential learning for HKU students within an industrial context.
(c) Set up standard KE materials (both printed materials and hand-on demo facilities) about the technology developed at HKU.
(d) Carry out hand-on workshops / seminar presentations and field studies.



Project Description

An ITF project named "RFID-Enabled Real-Time Manufacturing Shop-floor Information Infrastructure for PRD Processing Trade Enterprises" has been completed by HKU in 2010. The achieved project results have been highly praised by government and successfully applied in real manufacturers through several pilot implementations. After the project, however, three problems relating to the effective and efficient knowledge exchange have emerged in three aspects. First, the technology beneficiaries are only those companies participated in the project. Second, the accumulated knowledge by HKU through this project have not been widely learnt and acknowledged by either academia or industries. Third, the technical groups being trained to a qualified level for supporting and sustaining the developed new technologies are lacking.


Target Deliverables in 2011/12:

(a) Establishment of an industrial consortium of at least two industrial associations, 10 core member companies and an additional 10 observer companies (associate members).
(b) Two workshop presentations and two hand-on demonstrations; and 5 seminars and field visits among member companies.
(c) A set of KE materials (both printed materials and hand-on demo facilities).
(d) (Optional) Submission of a prize award in collaboration with chosen member company (ies). [This may not be achieved within 11-12 but the effort will continue.]



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