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Knowledge Exchange and competition on iPhone Apps

项目负责人: Dr. Vincent Tam (电机电子工程系)
电话: 2859-2697




Project Objectives:

- To exchange knowledge on building iPhone Apps with the general public
- To stimulate creativity and cultivate future entrepreneurs through innovative Smartphone Apps to better support the knowledge-based economy as highly advocated by the HKSAR government.


Projects Description:

Due to the popularity of iPhones and trendy consumer electronic products like iPod touch and iPad, many top universities around the globe like the MIT and Stanford are offering iPhone development courses such as the “Introduction to iPhone Application Development” [MIT] and “iPhone Application Programming” [Stanford]. Such courses are becoming popular in North America, Europe and Asia. When compared to other smartphones like the Android, iPhones and relevant products offer the major advantage of providing a more standardized hardware and application development platform whereas the Android operating system (OS) is open-source with much diversity across both hardware and software to cater for. This clearly explains why most well-known academic institutes in North America or other parts of the world prefer to offer iPhone development courses. On top of it, the App Store provides an opportunistic platform for cultivating many potential and young entrepreneurs to develop innovative and free/paid apps for downloading, and also continuously producing successful stories for entrepreneurship in different societies.

Typically, the iPhone App development skills, and relevant creativity and communication techniques required for future entrepreneur seems to be locked up in small communities as in top universities or through the Apple Developer website for technical gurus. Therefore, we propose in this Knowledge Exchange (KE) project to break down such obstacle through exchanging our knowledge and experience in building iPhone Apps with the general public, and more importantly to stimulate creativity, especially among young people who always dare to dream and explore, so as to cultivate future entrepreneurs for preparing HK into knowledge-based economy. To achieve these 2 major objectives, our KE project consists of 3 parts:

1. Training courses/seminars provided to young people (like members of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG)) and also local/international (secondary) school students;
2. Sharing of Knowledge and Experience on iPhone App Development with the general public through the Knowledge Exchange portal;
3. Organizing a local competition for the local tertiary and/or secondary school sectors to promote innovative Apps and more importantly cultivate the future entrepreneurs.


Target Deliverables in 2010/11:

- A seminar will be organized in Hong Kong for exchanging knowledge on iPhone App Development.
- Easy-to-understand and carefully customized course materials and experience reports will be posted in the KE Portal for sharing with the general public;
- A local competition to promote the building of innovative Apps among tertiary and secondary students with finalized results announced through the KE portal, and a formal award/prize presentation ceremony to be held in September, 2011;
- Debriefing and sharing session to share the experience gained after the training seminars/competition.
- The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups



- The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


Photos from the Prize Presentation Ceremony:


Photos from the Workshop:


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