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Engineering faculties knowledge exchanged with Alibaba Group on 14 Jan 2014

日期: 2014-03-20
学系: 电机电子工程系


On 14 Jan 2014, a group of faculties including Prof. Paul Cheung, Prof. Ed Wu, Prof. Victor Li, Prof. George Huang, Prof. Wenping Wang, Prof. David Cheung, Prof. Yu Yizhan, Prof. Francis Lau and Dr. Wilton Fok, visited the Alibaba Group at their headquarters in Hangzhou.

After Mr. Wallace Cheung, the Vice-President of Finance and an alumni of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, led the delegates to tour around the office, Prof. Paul Cheung introduced the HKU Zhejiang Innovation and Research Institute to Alibaba and team exchanged the knowledge on the latest technologies such as on Physical Internet, cloud computing, location base technology and e-learning...etc.


Prof. Ed Wu overviewed the researches in the Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Paul Y.S. Cheung presented a souvenir – the Centennial Publication titled “A Century of Excellence” to the Group Vice President.

Group photos of EEE teachers and alumni. From left: Prof. Ed Wu, Prof. Victor Li, Prof. Paul Cheung, Mr. Wallace Cheung (the Vice-President of Finance, an EEE alumni) and Dr. Wilton Fok


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