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09-02-2018 (Wed)
Distinguished Scholar Sharing Series:
How Do I Prepare Myself for a Career in Research?

Research environment has changed in the past decade, and will likely change more rapidly in the coming decades. What can budding researchers learn from the past changes? What can we do to prepare ourselves for the changes to come? Amidst these changes, are there things that remain unchanged? ...

07-03-2018 (Wed)
Experiential Learning Series:
Visit to Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI)

The Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI), established in 2006, was designated by the Innovation and Technology Commission as a Research and Development Centre for nanotechnology and advanced materials. NAMI undertakes and provides ...

28-03-2018 (Wed)
Distinguished Scholar Sharing Series:
The Dilemmas in Scientific Advancement: Design or Accident

Most research in the natural and technical disciplines is carried out after the “Scientific method” that includes observations, hypothesis generation, experimental testing, recording of results, data handling and decision of whether the hypothesis is correct. Examples of success by applying the scientific method are given. However...

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PhD Candidates Receive U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Award for Advancing Building Energy Model Construction to Support Building Energy Retrofits
December 2017
Huaquan Ying, Qiuchen Lu and Hui Zhou, PhD candidates from the Department of Civil Engineering under the supervision of Dr Sanghoon Lee, have won the Universitas 21 (U21) Graduate Collaborative Research Award 2017. The awarded project, ‘Imagebased As-is Building Energy Model (BEM) Construction to Support Building Energy Retrofits’, aims to develop an image-based methodology to construct as-is BEM geometry models for existing buildings using an automatic, rapid and economic approach. As-is BEM is commonly used to assess the energy performance of existing buildings as well as to quantify potential energy savings from energy retrofit measures...

PhD Candidate of the Computer Scienceat HKU Yuxiang Yang Receives 2017 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award
Sept 22, 2017
Mr. Yuxiang Yang, a PhD candidate of the Department of Computer Science at HKU, was awarded the 2017 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship. The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program aims to empower and encourage PhD students in the Asia-Pacific region to realize their potential in computer science-related research...

Ms Sze Yi MAK, Sibyl received 2nd Runner-up of Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition 2017
Mar 6, 2017
Putting years of research into a 3-minute speech is no easy task and presenting it explicitly in an appealing way to the general public is even more challenging. 3MT is a very unique experience compared to all my previous academic talks. It provides me an opportunity to share on stage my research in a non-technical way with people of diverse background...

Two HKU graduates received the Croucher Fellowship 2016 for postdoctoral research at MIT and CalTech
Feb 16, 2017
Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee, our alumni, has recently received the Croucher Fellowship to support his postdoctoral research in Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The prestigious fellowship, over USD120,000 as maintenance and research allowances, offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited is intended to provide financial support for promising young scientists and engineers in the fields of natural sciences, technology and medicine....

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