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30-06-2017 (Fri)
Sharing Knowledge Exchange Opportunities cum Academic Year-End Gathering for Engg RPG Students
Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of HKU. Professor Lau will share his own knowledge exchange experiences and knowledge exchange opportunities for Engineering RPg students...

21-07-2017 (Fri)
From Science to Engineering, to New Scientific Discoveries
Many students may face a difficult decision, whether to pursue science (perhaps childhood dreams for new discoveries) or engineering to explore new technologies. I’d like to hold an open dialogue on this topic with interested audience; and also share some personal experiences...

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Two HKU graduates received the Croucher Fellowship 2016 for postdoctoral research at MIT and CalTech
Feb 16, 2017
Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee, our alumni, has recently received the Croucher Fellowship to support his postdoctoral research in Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The prestigious fellowship, over USD120,000 as maintenance and research allowances, offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited is intended to provide financial support for promising young scientists and engineers in the fields of natural sciences, technology and medicine....

Dr Christopher Lee (EEE PhD graduate in 2016) received Croucher Foundation Fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mar 8, 2016
Christopher was born and raised in Hong Kong. With the dedication and diligence, Christopher has entered the University of Hong Kong (HKU) after the HKALE...

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