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27-10-2017 (Fri)
Distinguished Scholars Sharing Series: Water for a Barren Rock – A Brief Recap of Hong Kong’s Development Story
Visitors to Hong Kong are often amazed by the City’s built environment - small land area that holds large population, efficient transportation system that keeps the City moving, dazzling high density developments that ...

30-10-2017 (Mon)
Distinguished Scholars Sharing Series: Research and Innovation without Borders
Cooperation with shared network becomes more important in today’s research and innovation environment due to the complicated nexus of research questions, increased integration of disciplines, effectively facilitation tools, and the open-minded collaborators with sharing culture...

06-11-2017 (Mon)
Distinguished Scholar Sharing Series: Robotics and Its Research Paradigm
Robotics covers a wide area of research field. In this sharing session, Professor Kosuge would like to share his career and experience in robotics and introduce how research and development will be carried out and how researchers could contribute to society...

16-11-2017 (Thur)
Orientation Series: Information Security for Engineering RPG Students
Information security is everyone's responsibility. Cyberattacks are real and we need to take care our data/information stored and processed by computers carefully, otherwise, we may be the next victim...

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Latest news on student development.

Two HKU graduates received the Croucher Fellowship 2016 for postdoctoral research at MIT and CalTech
Feb 16, 2017
Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee, our alumni, has recently received the Croucher Fellowship to support his postdoctoral research in Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The prestigious fellowship, over USD120,000 as maintenance and research allowances, offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited is intended to provide financial support for promising young scientists and engineers in the fields of natural sciences, technology and medicine....

Dr Christopher Lee (EEE PhD graduate in 2016) received Croucher Foundation Fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mar 8, 2016
Christopher was born and raised in Hong Kong. With the dedication and diligence, Christopher has entered the University of Hong Kong (HKU) after the HKALE...

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