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27-04-2017 (Thu)
Distinguished Scholar Sharing Series: The Importance of Multidisciplinary Research
Fundamental progress in science may occur when previously unrelated fields meet, sometimes perchance. I shall relate my own serendipitous encounter with quantum physics at a time when all my academic training was in computer science and cryptography, and how it changed my life ...

05-05-2017 (Fri)
Distinguished Scholar Sharing Series: The Art of Teaching
CWhat is excellence in teaching? Maybe should we ask “What is teaching?” Is teaching simply facilitating students to achieve learning outcomes or to enhance student learning experiences? Can the achievement of teaching and learning outcomes, adoption of learner-centred approaches ...

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Dr Christopher Lee (EEE PhD graduate in 2016) received Croucher Foundation Fellowship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mar 8, 2016
Christopher was born and raised in Hong Kong. With the dedication and diligence, Christopher has entered the University of Hong Kong (HKU) after the HKALE...

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